Tjoapack: More than just packaging

LogoTjoapackMidas Pharma has extended its scope of businesses further and markets now also contract packaging services of its partner Tjoapack, one of the oldest established contract packaging companies for the pharmaceutical industry in Europe, based in Etten-Leur, the Netherlands.
Tjoapack is a pioneer regarding serialization.

The company participated in the EU track & trace research project (EU Bridge WP6 track and trace trial), involving the use of data matrix codes and RFID tags on packaging throughout Europe. Since 10 years, products will be packed according to specific serialization and aggregation requirements of France, Italy, Korea, China, Brazil, India, Saudi Arabia, etc. Currently, the serialization, anti-counterfeiting and aggregation requirements of the USA and the EU have been increased and according directives need to be implemented by all pharmaceutical manufacturers successively until 2017 (USA) and 2019 (EU Falsified Medicines Directive).

Working in collaboration with various partners, Tjoapack developed a process that resulted in a proof of concept of the individual mass-serialization of patient packaging. Tjoapack’s pharmaceutical packaging plant has been fully validated to all known global and national standards. This is not a pilot or trial, the line produces unit dose blisters and packs them into cartons, cases and onto pallets – already since 2007.

We are proud to offer to you this decade-long serialization expertise according to all relevant country regulations.

Packing capabilities of Tjoapack

Besides of a full range of standard services like primary packaging of oral solids including

  • commercial blistering (all pvc types, alu/alu),
  • bottle, vial & securitainer filling,
  • hospital packs packing

and secondary packaging of all forms, we also offer special services such as

  • handling of narcotic substances,
  • barcode and serialization of packed presentations,
  • QP market release,
  • packaging & randomization of clinical studies,
  • (re)labelling, re-packing,
  • unit dose packaging for clinical purposes,
  • postponement packaging,
  • wallets packaging,
  • set & kit packing, among many others.

Tjoapack has, amongst others, seven blister lines, four unit dose machines, two bottle-filling lines, one wallet line, and one ampoule-labelling line. A number of booths are reserved for manual packaging activities. The company-own print shop enables to print labels and to carry out blister printing.

We are confident that we can support our customers with reliable and innovative services, with flexible and fast solutions at competitive conditions.

For more information please contact:
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